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鞋服箱包Xcel Infiniti LTD Radiant Rebound 潜水衣 -- 让您在寒冷的冬天里冲浪

2019-11-28  2587

有些人实际上是在水中度过冬天的,无论他们是喜欢冲浪、钓鱼还是竞速摩托艇,直到嘴唇冻紫为止。 自然,海洋不是穿常规冬装的地方,而天气也不允许您穿着平时的泳衣。所以,您需要为冰冷温度创造的适合的衣服,类似于新的Xcel Infiniti LTD Radiant Rebound。

Yes, there are people that actually spend winter in the water, whether they prefer to surf, fish, or race jetskis until their lips turn blue. Naturally, the ocean isn’t the place to wear your usual winter outfits. And the weather won’t allow you to dress in your usual swimwear, either. Instead, you’ll need something that’s create for the season’s icy temperatures. Something like the new Xcel Infiniti LTD Radiant Rebound.


Designed to let you enjoy watersports even in colder climates, the garment is fitted with a variety of technologies that allow it keep temperatures inside the garment in a constant state of warmth. That means, you can stay toasty when while spending a day in the middle of January chasing waves at the local surf spot, allowing you to partake in your favorite watersport even when it’s not in season.

Xcel Infiniti LTD Radiant Rebound是一款潜水服,它通过一系列新技术来升级功能。这些创新中最主要的是Radiant Rebound,上身的金属衬里,可阻挡冷空气渗透到内层,同时还能将人体的热量转化为折射的红外线,从而确保所有衣物都舒适贴身。他们喜欢将自己包裹在铝箔中,将所有热量聚集并反射回体内。

The Xcel Infiniti LTD Radiant Rebound is a wetsuit that upgrades the outfit’s popular cold water line with a selection of new technologies. Chief among these innovations is Radiant Rebound, a metal lining on the upper body that blocks cold air from penetrating beyond the outer layer, all while converting body heat into refracting infrared, ensuring everything stays comfortably toasty under the garment. They liken to wrapping yourself in aluminum foil, with all the heat being gathered and reflected back to the body, with very little lost.

温暖的是下身的Thermo-Lite衬里,这是一种快速干燥,轻便且天然疏水的材料,是潜水服唯一的材料。这些先进的集热设计使您可以在海洋中舒适地取暖,而无需再增加传统服装的重量。进一步保持热量的是密缝的缝线,该缝线被完全粘合了三遍,并采用了水密拉链以防止所有冷空气和水进入,并带有Fusion X胶带,以确保在频繁使用时密封件完好无损。

Piling on to the warmth is a Thermo-Lite lining in the lower body, a fast-drying, lightweight, and naturally hydrophobic material that’s exclusive to the outfit’s wetsuits. These advanced heat-trapping designs allow it to keep you comfortably warm in the ocean, all without the heavier and thicker build of traditional cold water recreational apparel. Further maintaining the heat are blind-stitched seams that are fully-glued three times over and a watertight zipper to keep all that cold air and water out, along with Fusion X tape to ensure the seals stay intact over heavy active use.

Xcel Infiniti LTD Radiant Rebound还拥有Channel Flex Exterior,这是一种新型的材料,具有网格状图案,可通过减少纤维和水的重量来消除张力,实现无重力且不受限制的伸展运动,让您自由活动。与其他潜水衣一样,它使用日本石灰石氯丁橡胶作为内部防水层,衣领上的Glideskin防水层,密封的手腕以及旨在像第二层皮肤一样起作用的工程贴合设计,使其紧贴您的身体以保持在任何活动中都能完美移动。

The Xcel Infiniti LTD Radiant Rebound also boasts the outfit’s Channel Flex Exterior, a new upper body material with a gridded pattern that breaks up tension by reducing fiber and water weight, enabling a weightless and unrestricted stretch to give you free range of motion. As with their other wetsuits, it uses Japanese limestone neoprene as an inner water barriers, Glideskin barriers on the collar, sealed wrists, and an engineered fit that’s designed to function like a second skin, allowing it to cling close to your body to keep you perfectly mobile throughout any activity.

Infiniti LTD系列中有多种型号,包括较厚的材料、后拉链和引擎盖,因此您可以选择最适合自己情况的确切样式,以及单独的男女套装。其中最好的是4/3毫米连帽连身西服,即使在9到13摄氏度之间的温度下,也可以保持烘烤状态。

A variety of models are available in the Infiniti LTD line, including ones with thicker materials, back zippers, and hoods, so you can choose the exact style that works best for your situation, along with separate suits for men and women. The most hardcore of the lot is a 4/3mm hooded fullsuit that, the outfit claims, can keep things toasty even at prevailing temperatures between nine and 13 degrees Celsius. Do note, this isn’t an easy-entry system, so you’ll probably want to put this one before going near the water, which, we’re guessing, is an extra precaution to ensure fewer pathways for air and water to get through.

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